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In our experience, we’ve encountered a multitude of unique businesses excelling in their services or products. Yet, they lack the know-how to effectively utilize digital marketing for targeted customer outreach. This is precisely where Rise Marketing comes in.

At Rise Marketing and Digital Media, our singular focus is harnessing digital marketing strategies to unlock our clients’ full potential. To begin, we initiate a complimentary discovery call with each potential client. Next, we craft a tailored digital marketing blueprint aimed at achieving three primary objectives: pinpointing the ideal target audience, selecting the most effective channels for audience engagement, and ultimately driving both visibility and revenue for our clients.

Whether it entails refining an existing online presence through social media management and SEO or designing a new website from the ground, our commitment lies in delivering and executing a a tailored digital marketing strategy that meets individual needs.


Digital Marketing – What We Do Best

Social Media Management

Website Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Brand Management

Audience Analytics

Content Copywriting

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Meet Our Owner

Mary Linley Albert, owner of Rise Marketing and Digital Media sitting in white and brown chair with brick background

Rise Marketing and Digital Media is owned and operated by Brandon, Mississippi native, Mary Linley Albert. Her desire is to help new and existing businesses realize their full potential through the utilization of branding, SEO, target audience identification, & other digital marketing products. Mary Linley has worked in the digital marketing field since 2018 and possesses a fine-tuned skill set and a strong desire to help businesses throughout Rankin County, Mississippi, and the Southeast summit their next peak.  Join her and the Rise Marketing team, and let’s rise together. 

Why We Chose the Name Rise

The Wasatch Mountain Range in Northern Utah that inspired our logo & name

wasatch mountain front, Rise Marketing logo inspiration.

At Rise Marketing and Digital Media, we have a deep love for the mountains of Northern Utah and the majestic scenery, activities, and life lessons they provide. Many times we see mountains and look at the tops or peaks, while often overlooking the reality that reaching those summits starts at the bottom and might involve some stumbles along the way. Owning a business requires the same tenacity as mountain climbing, and Rise Marketing and Digital Media is here to guide you with online marketing and SEO tools as you take your business higher and summit your own personal mountain peaks. 

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